06/06/2023 RE-STYLING . . .
The site, now a bit dated, will be renewed within the year.

In the meantime I announce the release of the cd “Y.O.U. – Italian guitarist’s pay homage to Allan Holdsworth”, released this year on the OpenMind-Lizard label. I am proud to appear in this prestigious compilation of jazz-fusion guitar virtuosos in the song WECHSELBALG, written and arranged by the amazing guitarist Alessandro Giglioli, with whom I have shared for years, together with the equally amazing bassist Giampiero Occhiato, the Get FUZZY- Fusion group experience . . .



01/09/2020  A   N E W  S T A R T  .  ,  ,


NEWS!Here some new projects in this first 2018 quarter:

The new DI MAGGIO CONNECTION record, finally mixed, with superfine ear by the
tireless “boss” Marco Di Maggio, waiting for official release date.

SELDON second album, of which I am particularly proud; 7 new wide-ranging songs,two
of which are my compositions, with refined lyrics, brave and sophisticated
arrangements, superbly recorded mixed and mastered by GUIDO MELIS at his PLASTIC
SUN recording studio in Firenze. Release date still not planned but annunced soon
as possible…



A thrilling new rock & roll trio called MENTAFORTE, together with
fearless and well known CRIS PINZAUTI-guitar/lead vocal and VALENTINO BERTO-
bass/backing vocal, with which I have already heated up Florentine live clubs
stages, with our personal timeless rock songs revisiting.




The BLACKLIST: leaded by guitarist/singer RICCARDO DELLOCCHIO, a combo that
explores, with a strong and at the same time elegant attitude, the mix between
blues and rock. The crew completes with talented and expert LEONARDO VOLO on piano
and keyboards, and SEBASTIANO SACCHETTI on bass.




B-HAPPY, an “almost-unplugged-power-pop-rock-quartet” that will accompany with a
classy sound, parties and events in the next spring-summer season.





In the educational field, additionally to usuals highly
specialized individual drum course at All Music association, I started, as
conductor, a new music ensamble called POPLAB, that
is quickly gain appreciation among students of all instruments and levels,
interested in “making music” in a band.

More to come…


05/09 After a very busy July and August, by concerts, festivals and private events, in Italy, Germany e Switzerland, all musical projects and teaching activity, temporarily set in standby mode, will starts again looking at the new season.


09/07 Barsa’s Half Century . . .






03/06/2017 Stage setting for Di Maggio Connection, at incredible NANO VERDE! Summer START!






A nice clip from the gig:


26/05/2017 Going to Stoccarda with Di Maggio Connection, for Elsass Rock & Jive festival 2017!






22/05/2017 A short clip from ARSENALE VINTAGE FESTIVAL concert featuring GREG.


Busy week with several gigs for Di Maggio Connection.

At 12° KUSTOM WEEKEND 2017 in Figline Valdarno, backing for EARL JACKSON, playing a show about  CHUCK BERRY music, in Verona, with Claudio Gregori aka GREG (Lillo&Greg/610) at ARSENALE VINTAGE FESTIVAL n°12, and at TATTOO EXPO 2017 in Pistoia. RockON!


Last Saturday,  April 1, I had the pleasure to play at Wonder Jam, at Riff club in Prato.

Here a small clip: https: https://www.facebook.com/Fruz.rick/videos/10212308648654794/


MARCH, busy month.

CONNECTION new record, is in recording, editing and mixing process.
New compositions, new arrangements and some concerts, also for SELDON, looking for the new record that, differently from first album “TUTTO A MEMORIA”, will be more a “band record”, with compositions from each member.
A little taste here: https://youtu.be/MfgSMCoH3Cc

Start of a new students music ensamble “POPLAB”, under my direction, at ALL MUSIC music school, Firenze.

And many others interesting collaborations that will take me busy in Firenze’s music club circuit . . .